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Hospitality Internship

Great Britain

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Hospitality Internship


Hospitality Internship


Hospitality Internship


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USA, Great Britain, Ireland


We offer short-term placement in hotels all over Great Britain. Placements are for 3-4 months during summer and all-year round. All our hotels offer live in or staff accommodation.
The present UK national minimum hourly rates are: £5.73 /hour for adult workers aged 22 and above and £4.77 /hour for adult workers aged 18-21.
You will receive at least the minimum national hourly rate & there will be deductions for food, accommodation and tax & national insurance contributions. The average weekly Net wage (take home pay) can vary between £115 - £160 plus /week, some hotels pay more than others but they must all pay the national minimum hourly rate applicable to the age of the applicant.
We do not have a lot of hotels in the city of London (they cannot provide staff accommodation), but we do have plenty in the Home Counties surrounding the city.
  • 18 to 30 years old (the upper age limit is flexible for good candidates)
  • Minimum Intermediate English (Upper Intermediate to Fluent English for May, June and July start dates)
  • Experience is not necessarily required, but of course this is preferred
  • To be prepared to accept any job offered in any area of the UK.
'Pairs' or couples are also accepted but you must be prepared to accept any job/hotel/area, as couples are always much more difficult to place. We do not accept more than 2 together.

Required documents:
  • An up to date C.V
  • Black & white passport size photo
  • Application form
  • Copy of passport or ID 
  • Doctor’s certificate stating that you are fit to work
  • A certificate from the police to say that you have no previous criminal record
  • References 


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